Task Scheduler for iOS

Task Scheduler for iOS



android has in his profile configuration the Task Scheduler.

Unfortunately iOS doesn't have this configuration. I was looking for an option
to execute scripts for iOS device (example: restart the device).

My goal is to execute a restart everyday at a specific time.


Is there an option to configure that for iOS devices too?

I don't want to use third party apps because i want to manage this
within MC.


Thank you.

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Ozan Acikalin | posted this 19 March 2021

Hello Raymond,

thank you for your quick input.


I already thought that I would have to use the rest api. But i just wanted to
make sure that there isn't a possibility without the rest api.


Thank you


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Raymond Chan | posted this 19 March 2021

As script is not supported for iOS platform for the latest MobiControl, one possible way to achieve scheduled restart is probably to write your own program to call MobiControl with relevant REST api's to perform restart action at the scheduled time.


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