TC56 > APN Issue

TC56 > APN Issue

Hi All,

I have roughly 300 Zebra TC56 devices in the field that are using a particular APN for cellular connection. We need to move these devices to a new sim card which will use a different APN.

The issue is when I put this sim card into a device the device will not select the new APN so the device has no data connection. The only way I can fix this is to manually change the default APN. These devices are spread all around the country so as you can imagine this is a big problem for us.

We created a profile that pushes down the APN that is required however we are unable to activate this as the device would then go offline. These devices are fully locked down however I have tried testing with a device not enrolled and found the same issue.

Run down on my testing;

1) I have taken a device out that is not enrolled in SOTI and put the old comms plan sim card in and that connected instantly to Telstra.wap as expected.

2) I switch off the device and place the new sim in (Telstra.internet) and boot the device. No connection. I check to see the device is still pointed to the Telstra.wap APN.

3) I then manually select Telstra.internet and that resolves the data connection problem but still needed a manual interaction to force it to the correct APN.

Zebra TC56
Android Plus
OS 7.1.2 (Also happens on android 8)
OEM 01-01-49.00-NG-U15-STD
SOTI Version:

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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JSMOD@SOTI | posted this 26 February 2021

Hi Shaun,


Thank you for posting on SOTI Central.


Just to clarify, when you send the APN Profile to the device, the new settings appear correctly under device settings? They just don't apply? This may be an intended behaviour by the OS since, as you mentioned, the device would go offline if it activates itself.


Have you been able to test what happens if you apply the Profile to the old SIM -> activate the APN (via settings, or via script "apply apn") -> insert new SIM? Does it use the correct APN in this scenario?


Kind regards,


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Raymond Chan | posted this 26 February 2021

My initial thought is to use scheduled script profile to implement some kind of smooth migration of APN.   I have to see if I have the relevant resources to perform some tests.   If so, maybe I can share some test results  on this approach.


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