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Thanks for your Post to Soti Central!!

Kindly try to use SQL authentication rather than windows authentication for connecting to Sql server 

Although ,You can use either Microsoft SQL Server or Windows credentials; however, Microsoft SQL Server credentials are preferred to avoid experiencing issues with services such as reporting.

If possible, use an SA account for authentication. SA user accounts contain the right set of permissions to guarantee the proper functionality of SOTI MobiControl services. These credentials are not stored by SOTI MobiControl so store them in a safe place that is available to your organization.

When installing SOTI MobiControl, your useraccount must be either a SysAdmin or a DbCreator with additional ALTER ANY LOGIN permissions. When upgrading SOTI MobiControl, you must also have ALTER DATABASE permissions.

When performing regular operations for SOTI MobiControl Main and Archive databases, the user must have the following permissions:

  • Db_datareader
  • Db_datawriter
  • Permission for execution of all procedures


Kindly let us know after testing.




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