Update Mobicontrol via .apk

Update Mobicontrol via .apk


our devices seem not be able to update the android mobicontrol agent (yes, i activated Agent-Upgrade and send agent upgrade). 

We got the information that an upgrade is not possible because the actual agent is still compatible.

I mean, i know it, because it's running!?! -.-


Now i tried the following way:

1. send the apk to the device filesystem

2. send script: install /mnt/sdcard/GoogleMobiControl1400_1579.apk

3. A prompt is shown on the device, which has to be confirmed with OK.

4. Update success


Is it possible to do this without user prompt?

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Johan W | posted this 14 November 2019


Create a package with the APK file instead. This will install the .APK without user interaction.

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KKMOD@SOTI | posted this 15 November 2019

Hello Rafael,

Usually we inject an android agent in the database when the mobicontrol version is below 14.3 and the end-user wants to upgrade the device agent to the latest. After MC version 14.3, you can leverage the Android delivery service which is hosted by Soti. In this, the service will update the android agent in the database and adjust the compatibility accordingly. The only manual work you have to perform is to select the android agent version from the console so that you can have control over the mobicontrol agent version they want to use in their environment. I would highly recommend you to upgrade your mobicontrol instance to 14.3 or higher.

If you use a package and later on if under any unfortunate circumstances the package gets revoked then you may lose the device out-in-the field. If you use file sync to deliver the apk, then it is difficult to track if the apk is delivered or the agent is successfully upgraded. Thus, I would like to highlight the Android delivery service which is available in version 14.3 and above.

Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | support@soti.net | www.soti.net |

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Rafael | posted this 15 November 2019

Thanks to both of you. 

I didn't do it with a package because i only wanted to test it on one device because of compatiblity and hope of fixes (https://discussions.soti.net/thread/soti-agent-permission-fix/) but there seem no really significant change for us.

I'll give that to our local admin regarding the MC Update. 

Regarding to this: An Upgrade from 14.x to 15.x has to be purchased or is included in the licenses?

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John Doe | posted this 15 November 2019

Only way would be with a package, or you whitelist googleplay correctly to do the update automaticly.

For that "automation" version control isnt possible at the moment:




Kind Regards John

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