We are using e Sim and now we cant see the telephone number anymore?

We are using e Sim and now we cant see the telephone number anymore?

Good evening,

we are running Server Version 15.1.3

We have over some iphone SE 2nd edition - iOS 14.2

We now use e sims but we have a problem with it.


Before the change from Vodafone to Telekom and even with an actual physical Telekom sim card we would be able to see the telephone number in the device info.


Now after the switch to e Sim we cant see the number anymore. We know the ICCID, the service provider but its somehow "annoying" to switch between systems to find the actual telephone number for a device.


Is there something we can do to get back the telephone number?


Kind regards

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Raymond Chan | posted this 13 February 2021

Hi Mika,

Rafael's post talks about custom data, while mine talks about cust attribute.


For the CSV file for bulk import to your MobiControl server, you likely just need to edit (or get an initial spreadsheet with at least some of the data columns from your TELCO operator)  a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with DeviceID, ICCID and phone number columns, and have the data exported to a .csv file (with each line following the  DeviceID,AttributeName,AttributeValue   CSV format) for subsequent import to MC server.


If I remember correctly, each bulk import can handle a CSV file of at most 2000 lines.


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Mika | posted this 11 February 2021

For iOS devices there is no custom data field. 

I like your idea a lot and matching iccids with telehone numbers would be the easy part. 

Do you can think of any other possible solution? 

We could create a file etc. but we would love the solution directly in Soti. 

Thanks alot. 

Kind regards

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Raymond Chan | posted this 05 February 2021

Maybe I can share my experience in Hong Kong again.  Some years ago, a Telco operator here dispatched some SIM cards without phone number information to my governmental customer.  My customer could not read out phone number for devices using these cards from their MobiControl web console.   They eventually request the Telco to replace their SIM cards with new ones having phone number information readable by device firmware, and the problem was solved.


For the new eSIM, there is no physical SIM card.  I believe there won't be any phone number information readable by existing device firmware, unless the related industries define new standards/API to provide such function in the future.  Until then,  Your interim solution is probably to build/maintain a database for ICCID's to  phone number mapping when subscribing services for each of  your corporate devices from the Telco.  You can then add custom attribute field(s) for phone number(s), and import the database as CSV file(s) to your MobiControl.  This way, you can have some visibility of the phone number on your MobiControl web-console.  However, if you want the custom attribute to always reflect the latest accurate mapping, some program using MobiControl REST api's may need to be built and run to confirm that ICCID associated with any device is updated, and change the phone number custom attribute value accordingly if there is any ICCID update. 


I personally haven't tried this out myself.  Just sharing my initial ideas on possible solution here.

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Mika | posted this 17 February 2021

Hello Raymond Chan, 


thanks alot for your time and answer. 


I would love to test this... 

But i cant even find the import button? 

Soti Help:

https://www.soti.net/mc/help/v14.2/en/console/reference/dialogs/import_custom_attributes.html where is it? 

https://www.soti.net/mc/help/v14.2/en/console/data/customattributes/customattributes.html again only for android? 

Sorry but i cant find it. 

Kind regards



creating the csv file is the easy part. 

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Rafael | posted this 12 February 2021

Regarding the idea with the file:

  • You could make a file (ini)
  • And read it into custom data fields

I'm not sure if the ICCID has an macro yet. But it could be as following

Then your phone number would be displayed in the custom data field section.

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