Web Link Icon Lockdown open with Chrome Blank page

Web Link Icon Lockdown open with Chrome Blank page



I have some problem about in details

1. Tablet Model ZEBRA ET50  with Android OS version 5.1.1

2. Tablet Model CASIO V-T500-E with Android OS version 4.0.1

3. Chrome Version 37.x.x as Default Browser

4. Mobicontrol Version 13 in CASIO V-T500-E 

5. Mobicontrol Version 14.1.1 in ZEBRA ET50


This Problem

1. I Use Lockdown Mode on Both device

2. I use Browser:// as icon Web link

3. I Started link it worked but when I close all tabs to blank page ,so this problem when I re-open web link again it's not show web link (It's show blank page), So I must open new one tab and re-open my link again to open it

4. i'm not sure why depend on chrome version?, Android version?, Mobi-control version?, Device Model.


I attach video clip of this

2 Answers

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Matt Dermody | posted this 27 February 2020

Do you need to provide access to the full Chrome Browser? If you use https:// as your launch option in the lockdown instead then it will launch into a controlled full screen WebView. Alternatively you could use SOTI Surf and have configurable bookmarks within the Surf app. 


Admittedly, Chrome 37 is fairly old as well (current version is 80), so you may ultimately find that there are limitations of that app version.

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rathasatekun | posted this 28 February 2020

THX Matt

I will test with SOTI SURF


and I can not update Chrome to Last version because of my device limit at Chrome version 37.x.x , I'm dont know Why? May be it's custom device.

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