Hi Evan,


There can be several reasons for High Queue Length depending on the Profiles and Rules setup for different environments. The most common ones are below:

  • Device Check-in schedule: If all the enrolled devices are scheduled to check-in at the same time, depending on the number of devices, it may result in high queue length. It is always a good practice to distribute the device check-in schedule with some time differences at the group level
  • Profile Deployments: If a profile is deployed to a large number of devices, or a profile is updated and applied to a large number of devices, it may lead to high queue length as the DS starts pushing out the changes to all the devices simultaneously
  • Application Catalog Rule updates: Depending on the number of devices, an App Catalog rule update may result in high queue usage and you may notice the applications taking some time to be deployed to the devices, provided the network bandwidth is not an issue.

MobiControl allows to setup a Deployment Server Event Alert to be generated every time the server queue length goes beyond a certain threshold (which can be manually specified). This alert can be helpful to know which recent changes made to the environment cause the high queue length and preventive measure can be taken for the next time while attempting similar changes.


Please let me know if any further information is required.




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