There are 2 types of accounts that can be used for Application Deployment from the managed Google Play store.


Option 1: Managed Google Accounts (MGA - User Based Accounts)

- Admins must purchase a Domain and Link this to the Google Admin Portal

- Admins must replicate their Active Directory within the Google Admin Portal 

- Admins must require the use of LDAP enrollment when users enroll their devices.

- Users must be added and removed from the Google Admin Portal as needed.


Option 2: Managed Google Play Accounts (MGPA - Device Based Accounts)

- Admins can create as many free Enterprises they require through MobiControl

- Admins have the option to use LDAP enrollment when new devices are enrolled.

- Accounts are created on the fly when devices are enrolled and deleted when devices unenroll, thus requiring no management 

- Accounts are not tied to a user but rather to a device, so the user cannot logon to multiple devices and see the same set of applications.