Answer: Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) is a service from Apple that enables a user or service to send push notification messages to Apple iOS devices.

TCP port 5223 is used for communication between device and APNS server 

TCP port 2195 and 2196 is request /.acknowledge port between MobiControl server and APNS server. 

The Apple Push Notification Service comes into play when  server software originates the request. These servers connect with the APNS through a persistent and secure channel to send the encrypted notifications to their target devices.

Each APNS notification is a short message that consists of a device token and the payload. The device token is an identifier that enables the APNS to route the notification to the intended device, and the payload is a property that contains the information in the notification.


NOTE: It is Mandatory to have APNS certificate installed on the MDM server in order to manage IOS devices.