Fusion is a suite of software that allows users to configure WLAN, status reporting and diagnostics on a Zebra Windows rugged device. Think of Fusion as an application that resides on a Zebra Windows rugged device that can be manually configured to set WLAN settings or other Fusion options. 

In addition, Fusion also comes with a SDK that caFusionn be leveraged to be able to configure Fusion using MobiControl. Currently this SDK is used inside MobiControlStage agent that has the ability to configure Fusion using MobiControlStage barcodes. This SDK is also used inside MobiControl Agent that allows users to push down Fusion wifi settings via MobiControl profiles through WebConsole. 

Currently we only support the Fusion versions mentioned in the attachment below. Different Fusion versions exposes different set of API's and hence the ability set certain Fusion settings might differ on some device models. Therefore, whenever there is an issue seen with Fusion supplicant on a Zebra device its important to note down the Fusion version that is currently running on the device.