Android Enterprise (AE) devices, by default, restrict users from using the Home and Task Buttons on their devices; only the Back Button is enabled. To enable users to use the Home Button, a 'Floating Home Button' was created. This button is only available for AE Native Kiosk Mode.


When the Floating Home Button (FHB) is initially applied on Native Kiosk Mode, it will be found on the right edge of the screen, in the middle.


The user will be able to drag the FHB anywhere on the Kiosk screen, but on release, it will snap to the closest edge (left/right) at the same point on the y-axis. For example, if the User let go of the FHB at 2/5ths of the screen closer to the left edge, it will snap to the left edge at 2/5ths of the screen.


Similarly, if the user rotates the device, the FHB will maintain its location relative to its previous location. For example, if the FHB was at 2/5ths of the right edge of the screen, and the screen rotates, the FHB will still be at 2/5ths of the right edge of the rotated screen.


Additionally, the FHB on press, will vibrate and highlight similar to the system buttons (Back, Home, task). 

Floating Home Button