The command to get the identify the settings are:

  • To turn identify settings: watchsettings on
  • Toggle the settings you want to identify on the device
  • Check the Information panel for results (if MobiControl is able to identify)
  • Disable the watchsettings using the script: watchsettings off

To convert the URI data to a script that can be sent to the device do the following:

  • Identify the values in the URI (URI:content//settings/sys SETTING:screen_off_timeout VALUE:1800000)
  • Format the script using the command: writesecuresetting
  • writesecuresetting -sys screen_off_timeout 1800000

If you are using a Kiosk Lockdown, you can make the device apply this setting after the Lockdown loads. This can be done by the following:

  • Create a .cmd file and save the script within this file
  • Apply the .cmd file to the device in the Internal SD Card via package or USB transfer.
  • In the Lockdown Payload, add a menu item (does not have to be visible to user).
  • The display name can be anything
  • The package name field will require the script and location of the cmd file: script:///sdcard/*****.cmd
  • Set this menu item to "Launch automatically on start-up"
  • Apply the Lockdown

Hope this helps!