Which is the easiest method to enroll android plus devices ?

Which is the easiest method to enroll android plus devices ?

I am looking for the easiest method to enroll android devices.  Please correct me if i am wrong on any of the points below and guide me. 

I want to use Android Plus mode because 

   1. it requires the device to be facory reset

   2. AP mode supports more functionalities as it is designed specifically for each brand and model sperately where as AE is generic and some functioalities may not be available for some devices. 
   3 . It is mainly for BYOD work managed devices and doesn't support device admin mode
   4 . It requires internet connectivity on the devices as it uses google services


So in Android Plus mode, currently i have the option to download the agent from my SOTI server or from SOTI website , but in both cases i have to manually install the agent , also i have to enter the enrollment id manually.

Is there any way to hardcode the enrollment ID in the agent and it automatically gets enrolled after the installation ,i.e., without entering the enrollment id manually or scanning ?.

Also is there any way to auto install the agent without opening the apk manually ?.

I just read about mobicontrol stage, is it a free app comes along with mobicontrol device license  Or we have to purchase it seperately ?

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JVMOD@SOTI | posted this 04 November 2020

Hello Vikas,


Thank you for your post, MobiControl Stage Programmer is free and you download it from below link -



Please refer below link to understand how Stage programmer works -



Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



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Raymond Chan | posted this 05 November 2020

Hi Vikas,


The four points you mentioned are not totally consistent for either OEM specific  Android+ or generic  Android-Enterprise (AE) mode. In particular, please note the following:


1.  AE device agents generally have more new features compared to the legacy Androd Plus device agents, espeically for those device brand with AE plug-in, which can be considered as the "Plus"  agent-features on top of those found in the generic AE agent.  


2.  AE platform currently supports BYOD, Managed-Device and COPE modes

3.  AE devices running Android 10 or earlier still support device admin mode.


4. AE devices can be used without internet connectivity, though it may be better to have such access during the initial enrollment phase.




For enrollment with OEM specific Android-Plus device agent,  it is possible to skip the MANUALl enrollment ID input for the following cases :

1. Use of .ini file placed in the same directory as the agent apk file before  tapping on the device agent icon to start enrollment.


2. Use of QR code from the freely downloadable "Mobicontrol Stage" Windows utility.


3. Hardcoding of the enrollment ID in the configuration profile of Samsung KME (Knox Mobile Enrollment).  For Samsung devices only.

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