No. In response to Samsung's deprecation of platform signing, SOTI has provided an administrative action in MobiControl to migrate platform signed device agents to ELM device agents since v11 (May 2014). Official support of Samsung "platform-signed" (non-ELM) agents ended with MobiControl v13.2 (August 2016).


Environments upgrading to v13.3 or higher (including v14) will be prevented from proceeding with the installation if devices managed using the platform-signed agent are discovered. An exemption to bypass this check can be provided by SOTI Support, however official support for non-ELM agents is not provided for these environments. Devices should be migrated to ELM prior to upgrade.


To verify if your devices support ELM, the "Supported APIs" property found in the MobiControl administrative console should read "MDMv4" or higher. 


To verify whether you have platfrom-signed agents that would prevent upgrade leverage the "Samsung Platform-Signed Agents" report within MobiControl prior to upgrading.


For more information about ELM, and the ELM migration procedure please see the Migrate to ELM help article. 



--------- Graham Watts - Principal Product Manager, SOTI Inc.