Great to hear that you made it to Sync '17 Matt! Hope to see you in 2018 too!

Yes, you can expect that the entire "legacy" administrative console will be transitioned to the modern design introduced in MobiControl v14.0. This transition will take place over multiple releases, with v14.0 focusing on the essence of every mobility deployment, the devices view.

The devices view is the primary and most frequently used view of any mobility professional. Mobile help desk specialists for example may not even be granted the permission to see anything else, and therefore may not ever see the legacy console during this transition. 

More privileged administrators may need to switch between the modern view and the legacy views to perform less frequent procedures such as system and device configuration, however the switch is integrated to the navigation and occurs quickly within the same browser window.

We look forward to bringing some of the new and innovative features that were introduced in the modern v14 view to other areas of the products in the near future and look forward to your feedback!

Upon v14 release, please refer to the "MobiControl v14 Administrative Console Transition Guide" that will detail the key differences between the consoles. The tool will help aid you and our other customers through this transition and ensure you are utilizing the new console to its fullest extent including features such as Advanced Search, Customizable Charts, Bulk actions, and more!

--------- Graham Watts - Principal Product Manager, SOTI Inc.