Windows 10 random profile reinstallation

Windows 10 random profile reinstallation


we have a mobicontrol v14.2 platform and we recently enrolled our company pcs (Lenovo Thinkpad T480 Windows 10).

We created some profiles containing custom packages to install applications and perform some powershell scripting.

All the packages are installed in a specific order using dependencies in the profiles configuration.


Sometimes some devices report this errors in the logs:


Profile "XYWZ" version 2 failed to install, because all of its payloads cannot be installed.


And after that log the device uninstall all the previous packages:


Package "X" version 0.0.4 has been uninstalled
Package "Y" version 0.0.3 has been uninstalled
Package "Z" version 0.0.1 has been uninstalled
Package "W" version 0.0.1 has been uninstalled

....and so on till the first package of the first profile


Do you know why this happen?

Are we using depencies uncorrectly?


In our case dependencies are required to prevent installation conflicts during the applications deploy.

To prevent this behaviour we tried to deselect the flag "Uninstall package contents upon profile revocation or deletion" in the options during the profile assignment but it didn't change nothing.

Is there a solution for this?



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Raymond Chan | posted this 30 April 2019

- What are the version and build numbers of your MobiControl Server?  Did you have Windows Notification Service (WNS) enabled?


- Did you use any filter option(s) in your profile(s)?


- For the same device brand/model, what is the ratio of the number devices that have problems to those that are OK?     


- The the problematic devices consistently problematic and those that are OK consistently OK?  In other words, if you revoke the profiles for the devices that had no problem and then re-assign the profiles again,  is there any case that the re-assignment fail?  


- Did you find any more error message on the problematic devices?  Pay attention especially to the application associated with the profile that failed and caused other preceding profile deployment to be reversed. 


- Did you find any common pattern for those devices that have problems?  E.g.  the build number of the Windows-10 server, AD-group of device user, Microsoft group policies that might restrict operation defined in your powershell script or application installed, etc.


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Mirko Marraro | posted this 14 May 2019

Hi Raymond,

- Mobicontrol version:

- Profiles have filter criteria based on custom datas or Installed Application placed from previous profiles to create a sort of ordered sequence for the package installation. Inside every profile packages are applied using dependencies

- the issue appears randomly on every device

- the reassignment never fails, only sometimes mobicontrol is not able to see that the filter criteria are applicable and set the profile as Install pending. Sometimes after a checkin the profile automatically become Installed without reinstalling the packages, sometimes instead it removes all the packages (going back to the first profile) and reinstall everything....

- when this happen in the logs there is only a message saying the last package of the last profile failed to install, and after that the uninstall of all the packages triggers, the weird thing is that the alleged failed package was correcly installed! Something happen during the checkin that report as failed install that package...

- sadly we didn't notice a pattern on this issue, it appear randomly on every device of the same model

It seems that the agent sometimes reports wrong informations to the server (wrong custom data? wrong application list?) and the profiles are placed again as pending install....

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