Windows Classic - Disable Lock Down

Windows Classic - Disable Lock Down



maybe a simple question. But is there an option to leave or deactivate the lock down mode
on a windows machine?

MC version:
Windows agent version:

For example:

My windows device (10, classic) doesn't connect to my MC server. When that happens i just
disconnected the connection within the windows agent and reconnected it again. That works
for me. Sometimes the agent is not listed in the system tray but a restart helps sometimes.

But when i am in a lock down mode i have no access to the system tray to start the agent for
disconnecting and connecting.

So is there a way to disable the lock down like on android devices?

A little information about my lock down profile:

  • File explorer is allowed
  • driver C:\ is completely blocked/disabled (used a script to set registry entry)
  • Template is almost like the default windows classic template


Thank you!

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