Zebra Datawedge Intent configuration

Zebra Datawedge Intent configuration

Dear All,


we need to preconfigure Datawedge in order to send scanned information into an app.


The manual way is the bellow:


  1. Go to DataWedge provided app
  2. Press on Profile0(default)
  3. Scroll until "Intent output" section is found
  4. Enable output via intent
  5. In intent action write com.euronav_app.ACTION 

Intent delivery must be set to "Broadcast intent


I assume that this could be done with a commant like the bellow:


sendintent -b "intent:#Intent;action=com.symbol.datawedge.api.ACTION;S.putExtra= com.euronav_app.ACTION;end"


"com.euronav_app" is the application name.


Cen anybody advise on thos?


Best regards

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Rafael | posted this 12 November 2020

You could also export the config (Will be named as datawedge.db as default) and copy this to the othe devices.

Then a script has to be run (We use Android 7/8 TC51, so could be different for you):

copy /sdcard/Android/data/com.symbol.datawedge/files/datawedge.db /enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport/datawedge.db

execute_shell chmod 777 /enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport/datawedge.db

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Matt Dermody | posted this 12 November 2020

Generally speaking, it is recommended that you create a new DataWedge Profile and associate it to your particular application. You can then modify that specific profile with the Intent output configuration so that DataWedge activates that configuration while your app is in the foreground. If you modify the Profile0 profile then you could potentially impact the default scanner behavior across the rest of the device. 


Once you have a working DataWedge configuration on a sample device you can export either the Profile or the entire DataWedge config into a .db file and then can distribute that as a Package or File Sync Rule to the devices. More specific instructions are available below:


Here is an article covering the process that you need to follow:




DataWedge does technically support configuration Intent "APIs" so you could theorhetically build something with SOTI scripting instead of using the .db export and deploy concept but I honestly have never heard of any one taking that approach. The DataWedge config APIs are more for individual apps to be able to configure DataWedge on the fly rather than leveraging the EMDK for scanning integration. 



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