ZEBRA device with lockdown screen is slow

ZEBRA device with lockdown screen is slow


We have Zebra 930B devices with Android 8.1 oreo

one has lockdown screen and one does not


both have soti agent installed


the one that has the lockdown screen is slower


all we have in the lockdown screen is a link that opens a web page


why would the lockdown screen being making this slower


I've never had this happen before, most of our devices are windows mobile


both scanners are configured the same

the profile only has two items, authentication and lockdown


the profile type is "Android Enterprise"

the tempate is "MCTemplateAndroidDesktop.html"


our soti version on the server is 15.01

the soti agent version is 14.4 which was downloaded during the setup


one other note:

I disabled "google" app to keep the google voice popup from occuring



On the no lockdown device the tester opened "chrome" and is placing the web

link there

on my lockedown device I'm not sure what is being opened, I would guess it

would have to be chrome also?


I just looked in remote control the device with no lockdown has this running

under the application manager tool:




the locked down has this running:


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Matt Dermody | posted this 23 November 2020

That is an interesting observation. And there are no other Profiles assigned whatsoever? There are some Profiles like Feature Control or Application Run Control blacklists that aren't active unless in User mode within the lockdown so theoretically you could have different active Profiles based on the presence and status of the lockdown.


Also, have you tried the Activity Suppression version of the SOTI Lockdown versus the Native Android Enterprise Kiosk mode? Are there any noticeable differences between them?

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larry | posted this 23 November 2020


we originally had these profile:



application run control

settings manager


then I removed the

application run control

settings manager


removing these didn't help speed up the device


on the lockdown screen I had activity suppression and

then changed to native


didn't help the speed





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Matt Dermody | posted this 24 November 2020

Per my response in your other thread, I suspect the difference in perceived speed that you're experiencing is likely due to the differences between how a WebView is created and destroyed without any page caching in between launches compared to the Chrome browser on the device which will cache previously visited pages. 


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