Zebra TC75 -> File sync + mxconfig on multiple device

Zebra TC75 -> File sync + mxconfig on multiple device

Hello all

we work with mobicontrol on version -> 13.3.3454

On device zebra tc75x under android 6 we have the client on version ->


After an audit about security, we need to make some operation on ALL devices.

For example, I need to suppress the lock screen to NONE.

Actually all device has the lock screen to SWIPE.


For to do that, I have create a rule.

This rule create a folder and download a xml file from the server to the device and after execute an stage now script as this:

mxconfig /sdcard/DisableLockScreen/DisableLockScreen.xml


in the xml file I have this

stage now file xml


well, yesturday i have schedule this rule for execute after 10 PM into 115 devices.

but, on 25 devices it's not ok the screen lock hasn't change...

On mobicontrol log i have just error log:

custom log (mxonfig - XML parsing failed (sdcard/disableLockScreen/DisableLockScreen.xml).)

I've check on device and the file is well present and these device were connect at this hour -> 10 pm


Ok, for 25 devices i can do that manually.

But next week i need to do the same operation on 600 devices ..


anyone has an idea about what's happen, perhpas my procedure isn't good or ...

Any idea are welcome


thanks for your time

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Matt Dermody | posted this 12 June 2019

I've seen some strange issues with being able to resolve the emulated sdcard on some of the Zebra Android devices and in some cases have had to direct the mxconfig or install_system_update script directly to the emulated storage path. 


Another possibility is that the MX version on the device isn't high enough to support this configuration based on MX 6.0. If the devices are not on a consistent BSP and LifeGuard patch then that might be the case. 


Lastly, I would suggest using Packages containing the MX XML + mxconfig as a post-install script as you will be able to have finer control over schedule Package application windows via Profiles than you will with a File Sync Rule. You also have the convenient Force Re-install option with Profiles/Packages for situations like this where it would be easier to Force Re-Install than to manually configure the devices. 

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christopheBERNARD | posted this 14 June 2019

Hello matt,

thanks a lot for your suggestion that's great

i think also it's better to use a profile with a pcg file inside and a pre script or post script


But as the deployment was very hurry for to find a solution i've run the RULE several time in the night

the goal is ok but of course not the best way to follow


for the next deployment we will follow your suggestion


another question, what's happen with the forum zebra ?

it's complete change of design ?

often when i post a message here : http://developer.zebra.com/message i will receive a reply from some people

But actually i don't know why when i post a question no response has post...

Is there any body who used this new version ?


thanks for all

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Matt Dermody | posted this 14 June 2019

The Zebra forum is completely messed up right now. I have already reached out to Robin on it, they're apparently still migrating data but I don't like the new UI they've adopted whether or not the data is correct. There is an alternate support forum that isnt a developer forum that is a little better:



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christopheBERNARD | posted this 17 June 2019

Hello matt,

thanks for information

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