Zebra TC75X -> Upgrade OS 6 to 7 with upgrade mobicontrol client ?

Zebra TC75X -> Upgrade OS 6 to 7 with upgrade mobicontrol client ?


we work with mobicontrol on version v13.0.3454 with a lot of devices zebra tc75x (android 6) under mobicontrol agent on version


Actually I test a procedure for to upgrade to android 7.

I meet some problem about it.


Here is it the step I follow for to upgrade:

a) download os android 7 to zebra site and copy zip file on device

b) start the upgrade by a rule of mobicontrol


the result, device is well updated to android 7 but If i do some test -> reset / remote control / reset / and so on ..

At a moment, the device can't response ..I reboot device and after the device is broken !

Still rest on main screen with message -> start up android …. and nothing happen ...


We have few TC75X under android 7 buy there are several month.

The device agent on these device aren't the same Ok i can understand.


For to avoid to brake device when I upgrade to android 7, I would like to install the agent I have on android 7 to my android 6 and see the result with my test.


My question is how i can install the soti agent with mobicontrol ?

I remember it's not recommanded to install the mobicontrol agent by a profile ?


thanks for all


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Matt Dermody | posted this 14 November 2019

You can open a ticket with SOTI Support and they can perform what is called an Agent Injection to update the version that is distributed by your server. In newer versions of MobiControl you can control what specific versions are assigned yourself, but it's a feature that is almost too little too late as everything is shifting to Android Enterprise with a universal agent.

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christopheBERNARD | posted this 18 November 2019

Hello matt,


thanks for this reply, I will contact soti support

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