Zebra TC75X -> Upgrade OS 7 re install APK but permission needed ?

Zebra TC75X -> Upgrade OS 7 re install APK but permission needed ?

Hello all,

we work with soti mobicontrol in version v13.3.0.3454.

We have a lot of devices under zebra tc75x android 6 enrolled with android + and mobicontrol client in version ->


Well, I upgrade my device to android 7 but before to start the upgrade (stage now + rule) I uninstall all the app.

After Upgrade and reboot device I re install the app (sygic nav / soti surf / …) but I need to accept PERMISSION ..


I know I can install apk in silent mode with zebra stage now and a rule of mobicontrol that's work fine.

But I've meet some problem when I do this on a large number of device … 


Perhpas some others solutions exists ?


thanks a lot for your suggestions

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Scott | posted this 22 November 2019

Already been a topic of discussion.  Issue:


There have also been several discussion threads on this issue:


We are all waiting (Matt is waiting patiently, everyone else less so) for SOTI to provide an agent update to resolve the issue.


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christopheBERNARD | posted this 26 November 2019

Hello scott,


Ok wait for …  :)


thanks a lot scott


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