Given that the device is running Oreo or higher, legacy Device Administrator based management is no longer an option for the TC77 in SOTI. Most of the DA APIs are technically still there, but SOTI has elected to push us toward Android Enterprise a little early given that it is an inevitable shift. You can enroll the device without access to Google Play but only in Device Owner mode and only if you use the StageNow based enrollment method and opt to Skip Google Account Creation during enrollment. This also will limit quite a number of functions and will prevent you from leveraging Managed Configs of apps through Managed Play which means you won’t be able to take advantage of OEMconfig once that becomes available and you’ll be left configuring MX with the existing mxconfig script applied to XML files. Unfortunately Google is making it increasingly harder to manage Android without some sort of connection to Google Play. This is a problem created by Google, not SOTI or Zebra.